Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tall Guy Afraid of Heights

"Just look for the freaky looking guy."

That was the first thing that Andy said to me when I went to meet him. I stepped out of my car into the frigid night, nervous to see him coming down from the second level of the parking ramp. I stood nervously near the car of my door, waiting for this "freaky looking guy" to approach me. Coming near my car, a tall handsome-looking guy approached me, far from his self description.

He was much taller than any guy I had ever dated before and I was enchanted by his height. He smiled at me as he approached and his cheeks formed two well defined dimples. He held out his hand and said, "Hi I'm Andy." I knew at that instant that he was a good guy. He wasn't the type to look fondly over the chase. He was simple and sweet.

On the way into the resteraunt, Andy bonked his head on the tree branch. I was too nervous to really notice what had happened while he laughed at himself. It was later that he told me about getting caught in the tree.

At 6'4, Andy frequently has to watch for things overhead. I constantly worry that he is going to take his head out on the ceiling fan or worse, his fingers from when he stretches so high.

While in Florida this summer, Andy and I went to go jet skiing. In the office of the jet ski rental place, Andy's head made an unfortunate encounter with a bug trap. I was standing at the counter, signing our lives away to ride on the jet skis. Andy, on the otherhand, was playing with the fly trap. I heard him scream "Ahhhh!" I looked back and saw a strange looking hanging metal piece stuck to his head. At first glance, it appeared like Andy might have had some sort of a magnetical force coming from his forehead. He kept trying to pull it off and it kept reattaching itself. At this point, I still did not realize it was a bug trap. I was so confused as to how his head could be emanating a magnetic force! Finally, Andy said, "It's a bug trap! It's stuck to my head!" I cracked up laughing. Andy kept pulling and pulling and it would not come off his head. Finally, it came loose and the office staff cracked up.

You would think that a man who is so tall would be accustomed to heights. But he is not. He hates heights. In Florida, we had a condo on the 6th floor of a very tall building. Andy did not want to be anywhere near the railing of our deck. He would pull me back from the railing if he saw me too close to it, in fear that I would fall. So it was a miracle that we got Andy to visit the the 175-foot tall Ponce de Leon Lighthouse while we were down there.. Suprisingly, Andy did climb all the way to the top. At the top, he looked like a cat stuck in a tree. He smooshed his body close to the lighthouse and would not go near the railing. He held close to me and shook when he had to put his hand on the railing in order to take a picture. I have never seen Andy more happy to be on the ground as he was that day.

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